Writing Down To Silence

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Writing Down to Silence is presented in honor of a golden anniversary -- the fiftieth year since the publication of my first short story in 1966.  Several of the stories have been published previously in magazines and anthologies.  Several have won awards.  The tales cover a span of years from 1906 to 2113 (not a typo).  Among the settings are a remote Colorado homestead, a coast, a stranded bus, a junk shop, and the men's john on the third floor of the Renwick Building.  Unlike the characters in my novels, who allowed me to nudge them gently toward happier endings,  the protagonists of these stories have adamantly insisted that I offer their stories exactly as they were told to me, and to leave the endings, happy or not, absolutely alone.  I have learned in fifty years of storytelling not to argue with the stubborn characters who wander around in my mind.


Elaine Long is an award-winning short-story, novel, and non-fiction book writer, and a singer and songwriter.  For more information:  www.elainelong.com .

Elaine Long
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