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With more than 70 countries under my belt in five years of constant travel, I’ve seen a lot! I haven’t yet found a part of the world that I didn’t like, but there are of course some destinations that I think are especially worthwhile of your consideration. 


Here’s a quick breakdown of some of my top travel recommendations - and books to help you plan your trip to each destination:




If you’re lucky enough to live in Colorado, you don’t have to go far to explore some of the best destinations in the United States. For starters, there is so much stuff to do in Denver, making it a great place to explore even if you’re short on time.


For adventures around the Centennial State, check out Fodor’s recently updated (and excellent) Colorado guidebook. Insight Guides is also scheduled to release their latest edition in November, and you can pre-order it here. Both are great ways to start learning more about your own backyard. Even if you’ve lived here your whole life, you’ll probably find a hidden gem you didn’t know about. 




Travelers come from all around the world to explore the incredible US National Park system. With our privileged location in the Mountain West, we barely have to leave our backyard! All it takes is a car, a tent, and a road trip to get out and see some of the best natural destinations in the world. Nowhere else would put you within a day’s drive of the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, and Mount Rushmore!


Start planning your road trip adventure with Moon’s Road Trip USA, Jamie Jensen’s recently updated epic travel guide. 



Mexico is known for its beautiful beaches, but it offers so much more. Its cosmopolitan capital, Mexico City, offers some of the best dining, nightlife, and historical sites in the Western Hemisphere. You can also find artsy mountain retreats like San Miguel de Allende, stunning islands like Cozumel, or charming historical towns like Valladolid. 


I have several online Mexico guides on my site, but to really dive deep into trip planning I suggest pre-ordering Lonely Planet’s forthcoming new tome: Lonely Planet Mexico 17.



If you think Colorado’s Rocky Mountains are cool, wait until you see how dramatic they get up in the great white north. Canada offers many popular wilderness destinations, and the most popular by far is the incredible Banff National Park. United Airlines offers a direct flight from Denver - meaning you can get there in just 2.5 hours! 


To start planning your trip, check out my Canada articles and grab a copy of Lonely Planet Canada 14, which gives a great overview of our neighbors to the north.




When people think of “travel,” Europe tends to be the first thing that springs to mind. Of course, you can explore all the popular destinations like Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome. But Europe offers much more than you may know. Check out Slovenia for a lesser known alternative to Italy, or the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) for a unique European experience. 


Get started planning your trip by picking up a copy of Lonely Planet’s Where to Go When, which is available on Tattered Cover shelves or online.



Nope, I’m not talking about the state. After visiting over 70 countries around the planet, this small country locked in the Caucasus Mountains is by far my favorite. Georgia is a massively underrated travel gem filled with mountain villages guarded by ancient watchtowers, some of the most beautiful mountains you’ve ever seen, and incredibly delicious and unique cuisine. Best of all, it’s still very much a hidden gem, so you won’t have to fight with other tourists to enjoy an authentic experience. 


I’ve got tons of Georgia posts on my site, or you can pre-order Lonely Planet’s forthcoming book on Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. It’s definitely a unique region to travel that will have your friends talking! 






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