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Maika and Maritza Moulite

Wednesday, September 11, afternoon only;  or Thursday, September 12, morning only. (Please indicate your date and time preferences.).

Maika and Maritza Moulite

Maika Moulite and Maritza Moulite are self-professed bookworms who have been devouring YA for years.
They grew up in Miami with two more Moulite sisters, a large extended family, a love for the ocean and
their own Haitian culture. The character Alaine is an amalgamation of their experiences (to a certain
degree) and their goal is to make Haitian culture and history more accessible through a fun, fast-paced, but
also introspective story line that anyone can relate to. 

ABOUT THE BOOKDear Haiti, Love Alaine When a school presentation goes very wrong, Alaine Beauparlant finds herself suspended, shipped off to Haiti and writing the report of a lifetime...You might ask the obvious question: What do I, a seventeen-year-old Haitian American from Miami with way too little life experience, have to say about anything?Actually, a lot.Thanks to "the incident" (don't ask), I'm spending the next two months doing what my school is calling a "spring volunteer immersion project." It's definitely no vacation. I'm toiling away under the ever-watchful eyes of Tati Estelle at her new nonprofit. And my lean-in queen of a mother is even here to make sure I do things right. Or she might just be lying low to dodge the media sharks after a much more public incident of her own...and to hide a rather devastating secret.All things considered, there are some pretty nice flirting with Tati's distractingly cute intern, getting actual face time with my mom and experiencing Haiti for the first time. I'm even exploring my family's history--which happens to be loaded with betrayals, superstitions and possibly even a family curse.You know, typical drama. But it's nothing I can't handle.

40 minutes, plus Q+A.

Topic of Presentation: Maika and Maritza will present about the making of their book, the history of their own love of books (i.e. their weekly trips to the library), and the book industry's need for more writers of color and main characters of color.

Middle school or high school. Grades 6+.

As many as possible! 50 student, minimum.

Projector, projector screen, speakers, HDMI adaptor cord for Mac laptop, 2 microphones (if large room). And two bottles of water.

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Tattered Cover will design an order form that the school should distribute in advance of the author visit, and again on the day of the event to all student attendees. 

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ISBN: 9781335777096
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Published: Inkyard Press - September 3rd, 2019