Visiting Author for Schools: Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

Mac Barnett & Jon Klassen

Friday, October 13 (Mac & Jon will only be able to visit one school in the afternoon. They've suggested that others schools can be invited, and they could possibly do 2 presenttions at one school.)

Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

ABOUT Mac Barnett
MAC BARNETT is the author of three books illustrated by Jon Klassen: Extra Yarn, which won a Caldecott Honor and a Boston Globe–Horn Book Award; Sam & Dave Dig a Hole, which won a Caldecott Honor and an E. B. White Award; and Triangle. With Jory John, he is the co-author of the New York Times bestselling series The Terrible Two series: The Terrible Two and The Terrible Two Get Worse. Mac Barnett lives in Oakland, California. Visit him online at

"[Mac Barnett is] a great young writer of books for young people. If you haven't read his work, run somewhere and do that. Books for young people have a rich and I daresay limitless future—knock anyone who says otherwise into a ditch—and Mac has a central place within that limitless future. Don't bet against him or anyone like him." — Dave Eggers

 "[In Barnett's books] there is no magic solution to any problem: The characters stumble through their dilemmas just as every one of us does. The world is a difficult yet good place, and there is no need for the typical rose-colored lenses that other children's books put on situations in order to fend off the bad stuff." — Yiyun Li

“He is a believer that picture books can have Swiftian absurdity and untidy endings, and that ‘life is absurd, and kids know that.’” — The San Francisco Chronicle

ABOUT Jon Klassen
JON KLASSEN is the author-illustrator of I Want My Hat Back, a Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Book; This Is Not My Hat, winner of the Caldecott Medal and the Kate Greenaway Medal; and We Found a Hat. He also illustrated two Caldecott Honor Books, Sam & Dave Dig a Hole and Extra Yarn, as well as Triangle, all written by Mac Barnett. Jon Klassen lives in Los Angeles. Visit Jon online at

"Klassen combines spare text and art to deliver no small measure of laughs in another darkly comic haberdashery whodunit...Hats off!" — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"A marvelous book in the true dictionary sense of "marvel": it is a wonderful and astonishing thing, the kind of book that makes child laugh and adult chuckle, and both smile in appreciation. A charmingly wicked little book." — The New York Times

"Four pages into this charmer, every kindergartner will know where the bear's missing hat is - but they'll never predict the hilarious revenge he takes on the thief." — People Magazine

"Deliberately understated, with delectable results... Skillful characterizations; though they're simply drawn and have little to say, each animal emerges fully realized." — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

ABOUT The Wolf, the Duck, and the Mouse 
This is a story about a duck and mouse who get swallowed by a wolf, and then decide to live in his belly.

Early one morning a mouse met a wolf
and was quickly gobbled up.

When a woeful mouse is swallowed by a wolf, he quickly learns he is not alone: a duck has already set up digs, and, boy, has that duck got it figured out! Turns out it’s pretty nice in there, with delicious food and elegant table settings, courtesy of the wolf’s unchecked gluttony. And there’s something even better: no more fear of being eaten by a wolf! In fact, life is pretty good, until a hunter shows up. . . . With a nod to traditional fables and a wink to the reader, the award-winning Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen offer a tale of cooperation and creative cuisine that is sure to go down easy.



About 45 minutes, including 10-15 minutes for questions. (This can be adjusted slightly if there’s time constraints.) They do a joint PowerPoint presentation where they show slides, talk about the process of making a book, and read a few of their books aloud. Jon usually does a drawing demo as well if there’s enough time, which is a big hit with the kids! Mac and Jon have a PowerPoint presentation prepared and will show slides together. Jon may do some live drawing if time allows, and then they will take questions from the kids at the end. For drawing demos, Jon has a little tablet he hooks up to his laptop with a stylus and it projects right on the screen, but having a large easel, pad of paper, and black sharpies on hand is always appreciated in case of any technical glitches. He also finds it easiest to run the presentation himself, so it usually works best if there’s a spot at the front of the room for the laptop so he can flip through slides and easily transition to drawing. 

Elementary, grades K-4

As many kids as possible would be great – they do a great job with large assemblies.

Projector, projection screen, speakers, and two mics (hands-free preferred, if possible.) A large easel, pad of paper, and black Sharpies. They will bring their presentation on a Mac laptop along with the adapter. Bottle of water. Black Sharpies for signing and post-its for personalization (The publisher would love if the school help with post-it-ing!)

Mac Barnett: Twitter & Instagram / @macbarnett

Jon Klassen: Twitter / @burstofbeaden; Instagram: @jonklassen

Candlewick: Twitter / @candlewick; Instagram: @candlewickpress and @candlewick_SL

Promoting and preparing for the author's school visit is the most important ingredients for a successful, educational, and fun event. Please be sure to carefuly read: What an Author Visit is All About.

Tattered Cover will design an order form that the school should distribute in advance of the author visit, and again on the day of the event to all student attendees. Books will be available for sale at the school about a week before the event and about a week after the event. An online ordering option is available (see below).

Link to share with students and their families to order Mac's and Jon's books: Please make sure anyone ordering online includes the name of your school in the Notes section of the order and if they'd like to pick up the book from you at the school. Please DO NOT give a book to someone who says they ordered online until I can verify it. If they do ask you for one, just email me the name of the student and parent's name and I can check.


The Wolf, the Duck, and the Mouse Cover Image
By Mac Barnett, Jon Klassen (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780763677541
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Candlewick - October 10th, 2017

Triangle Cover Image
By Mac Barnett, Jon Klassen (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780763696030
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Candlewick - March 14th, 2017

Extra Yarn Cover Image
By Mac Barnett, Jon Klassen (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780061953385
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Balzer + Bray - January 17th, 2012

Sam and Dave Dig a Hole Cover Image
By Mac Barnett, Jon Klassen (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780763662295
Availability: Available to Order - Usually Arrives in Our Store in 4 to 7 Days
Published: Candlewick - October 14th, 2014

I Want My Hat Back Cover Image
By Jon Klassen, Jon Klassen (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780763655983
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Candlewick - September 27th, 2011

This Is Not My Hat Cover Image
By Jon Klassen, Jon Klassen (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780763655990
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Candlewick - October 9th, 2012

We Found a Hat Cover Image
By Jon Klassen, Jon Klassen (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780763656003
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Candlewick - October 11th, 2016

The Dark Cover Image
By Lemony Snicket, Jon Klassen (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780316187480
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers - April 2nd, 2013