Visiting Author for Schools: Fran Wilde

Fran Wilde

Wednesday, April 17th (Fran will be visiting two schools each day: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Please indicate your TIME OF DAY preference: morning or afternoon and which DATE you prefer.)

Fran Wilde is the award-winning author of the Bone Universe trilogy, which won the Andre Norton Award and the Compton Crook Award. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband, daughter, dog, and a LOUD parakeet. Visit her online at

When things go bad at home, sisters Eleanor and Mike hide in a secret place under Eleanor’s bed, telling monster stories. Often, it seems those stories and their mother’s house magic are all that keep them safe from both busybodies and their dad’s temper. But when their father breaks a family heirloom, a glass witch ball, a river suddenly appears beneath the bed, and Eleanor and Mike fall into a world where dreams are born, nightmares struggle to break into the real world, and secrets have big consequences. Full of both adventure and heart, Riverland is a story about the bond between two sisters and how they must make their own magic to protect each other and save the ones they love.

Fran is truly a dynamic and engaging presenter. And RIVERLAND has already received a starred review from Booklist, which called the book “a must read [with] lyrical writing and a beautiful story.”

Fran has 7 talks she loves to give - listed below. They are all for grades 5–12 and I shift the topic depth based on the age range:

  • "A Library, a Bookstore, a Boat" - how I became a writer. 45 minutes with Q&A and examples of the evolution of a book from draft to final product.
  • "How to Build a Monster" -- a brainstorming and problem solving workshop that is loud and fun. Monster building (and monster defeating) discussions that can be tailored for any age group from grades 5 through 12. 45 minutes.
  • "How to Boil Water" -- a world-building writing workshop that asks students to trace the elements of a scene and teach their main character how to do a simple task in the world of their story or a story they are reading. Teaches line of supply, continuity, and detail focus. This interactive workshop can be tailored for any age group from grades 5 through 12. The title activity may change depending on the age of the participants. 45 minutes. 
  • "Climbing a Ladder" -- using layered concepts and concrete details to get to the heart of an emotion or experience. This workshop can be tailored for any age. 45 minutes.
  • "Mapping a Story" -- using drawing and mapmaking to outline a story's journey -- this talk uses details from my journals for Riverland and then encourages students to make their own maps. Can be tailored for any age group, grades 3 through 12. For the workshop option, it is useful if schools have paper, room to spread out, and colored pens or pencils on hand. Talk - 30 minutes, with Q&A; with workshop 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on age range.
  • "Dreams and Creativity" -- a talk and/or workshop about the life cycle of dreams (good ones and bad ones) and how to take elements of dreams and explore them in order to create a story. With horses (nightmares) and birds (dreams) as our guides, we'll look at how dreams feel, and how to capture an idea before it disappears. Can be tailored for age groups grades 5 through 12. 45 minutes.
  • "Finding Your Voice" -- a talk about what "voice" means in fiction, and how to find your own, and the voice of a character. Discussions of personal, public, and community voices. 45 minutes with Q&A. Grades 5-12

Middle Schools; grades 6-8

Ideally 15–25 students for the creative workshops; large groups are great for the two talks and Q&A. Fran has speaking experience with small groups and large auditoriums (500 people and up) and is great when it comes to getting people involved and excited about reading.

Projector/screen that is ipad pro or wifi-screen sharing compatible; Fran will have cables.

Tattered Cover will design an order form that the school should distribute in advance of the author visit, and again on the day of the event to all student attendees.

Link to share with students and their families to order Fran's books: 

Please make sure anyone ordering online includes the name of your school in the Notes section of the order and if they'd like to pick up the book from you at the school. Please DO NOT give a book to someone who says they ordered online unless they have the printed confirmation. PLEASE KEEP THIS! You'll need to include these confirmations when returning the leftover books so you won't be charged for them! If they do ask you for a book without a confirmation, just email us the name of the student and parent's name and we can check. DEADLINE: Online orders with SCHOOL PICK UP will only be available for one week after the school visit. Orders placed after that time will need to be picked up at one of our locations, or shipped.

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