Travel Tips




To help you travel like a pro, periodically I host events with Tattered Cover covering travel tips around some of my favorite topics.

Here are some videos of past presentations: 





A Conversation re Chaney Kwak’s The Passenger

I sat down with author and travel writer Chaney Kwak to discuss his riveting travelogue The Passenger: How a Travel Writer Learned to Love Cruises & Other Lies from a Sinking Ship. The book recounts his harrowing story of surviving the infamous Viking Sky cruise ship disaster off the coast of Norway in 2019. It was a fascinating conversation about travel writing, cruises, and the future of travel after the pandemic. 




A Quick Guide to Mexico 

In late June I hosted a quick presentation about one of my favorite travel destinations: Mexico. I talked about where to go and conveyed some of my top tips for navigating travel in Mexico. 




Time to Travel: Traveling in a Post-COVID World & the Resources to Help

In this video from May, I cover tips on how to navigate travel in this next era of the pandemic. Of course, the information in the video is time sensitive and the global situation has continued to evolve, but I think overall it’s still pretty useful for understanding how to think about travel these days: 






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