Rules for State Legislators: Jerry Kopel's Guide

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Based on more than  half a century of experience in the Colorado General Assembly, Rules for State Legislators is a guide to being a more effective state legislator.  The book offers advice on dozens of topics -- including where to sit, how to pass bills when you're in the minority party, rescuing your bill from conference committee, and the content of your newsletter for constituents. Rules for State Legislators also provides stories of Colorado's political history, including the long battle for statehood, women's suffrage and the first female legislators, and how the Vietnam War cost a 20-year U.S. Representative his seat. Jerry Kopel served 22 years in the Colorado House of Representatives, as a Democrat from Denver.  Before that, he was a legislative draftsman.  After retiring from elected office, he spent the next two decades as an award-winning columnist for the Colorado Statesman, and as an advisor to the House and Senate Democratic caucuses.  His son David is an attorney, law professor, and columnist for the Washington Post.   

Rules for State Legislators  -  front cover
Jerry Kopel & David Kopel
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