School Visit Contract

Author/School Visit Contract via Tattered Cover

We want you to have the best author visit ever! They are such impactful and memorable experiences!

We've hosted hundreds of authors in schools and have learned a few things the hard way. To help avoid those issues in the future, we kindly ask that you read and sign the contract before committing to host an author at your school. (Each author you host requires a new contract to be signed.)

_____ I've read through What An Author Visit with Tattered Cover is All About.

_____ I agree to have the visiting author's books for sale at the school and to take the money for those books. The school keeps all of that money and Tattered Cover provides a single invoice to the school at the end.

_____ I agree to pick up the books to sell at the school from one of the Tattered Cover locations and return what is leftover is a timely fashion.

_____ I agree to promote the author visit to the faculty, students, and their parents. (Here's a list of helpful and fun ideas on how to do this! Scroll down to the section, "How do I prepare for the Author Visit? Or, how to get the school excited!")

_____ I can accommodate the author's AV needs.

_____ I agree to return the leftover books that did not sell to a Tatetred Cover Book Store location within two weeks of the visit.

_____ I agree to count the leftover books myself (or another adult), rather than have students count them.

_____ I agree to have the students supervised at all times. It should not be the responsibilty of the author, media escort, or bookstore staff to keep the students in line.

_____ Books are specially ordered for the author visit and are not readily available on our shelves if the school runs out. We do our best to order the appropriate amount, but books sales are unpredictable. If you should run out -- or are getting low and see a need for more, please let us know ASAP and we'll order more. If we happen to have enough in our stock to take from our shelves, we will do so, but we cannot guarantee this will happen every time.

_____ Tattered Cover is the main contact. Please do not be in touch with the publisher or author directly. This will confuse things since Tattered Cover handles all of the logisitics and there are a lot of moving parts.

_____ I agree that the school staff will be the only contact with the bookstore -- not parents.

_____ This is a Tattered Cover Book Store event. Tattered Cover is bringing the author to your school. Please be sure to mention this when introducing the author, talking about the visit, etc.

_____ Please do not work with other bookstores on this event once you've committed to Tattered Cover.

_____ Please try to respond to our correspondance in a reasonable amount of time. This will ensure you have the best author visit ever!

_____ You agree not to host the author during a book fair. Books that are sold via Tattered Cover always get mingled with the book fair books and we lose out each time.

This contract is continually being updated. Even if you've signed one in the past, we ask that you sign one per author visit.



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