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Read & Rant


Read & Rant is Athena Project’s new book club, in collaboration with Tattered Cover, exploring plays written primarily by women** Read two or three scripts during the month and meet every third Monday at Tattered Cover, Colfax, to discuss the works. Learn what makes a good script; how reading a play is different than a book, a movie, or spoken word; converse with invited guests as part of our monthly discussions. 

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Read & Rant on April 20 will be held as a virtual meeting on Zoom. Participants who have registered will receive the link for the meet-up in a email prior to the event. 


READ & RANTS of 2020, will be every THIRD MONDAY from 6:30-8:30pm

The conversation this month will focus on mental and emotional instability occurring from crisis situations. The two plays, which will be featured along with two others at Athena Project’s Plays In Progress Series June 6 and 7, 2020 at Aurora Fox Arts Center, present two women in emotional and mental distress over disparate crises. We read and watch how they navigate through these difficult situations as they share their stories with us. Our invited guest is Rohini Gupta, PsyD, MSW, a Clinical Psychologist and a core faculty member at the University of Denver as well as being involved with many health and healing organizations in Denver.

Play Name(s):

1) From Athena Project’s 2020 Plays In Progress Series, Ogygia by Morgan Smith
2) From Athena Project’s 2020 Plays In Progress Series, It’s Too Cold For You Here by Alayna Jacqueline

Facilitators: Darce Beck, Mikaley Osley

Guest: Dr. Rohini Gupta, mental health professional


  • How did the ‘other world’ settings of the two plays affect your level of interest and involvement in the outcomes of the characters? How might your ‘other world’ appear in this play?
  • Was the pain and suffering experienced by the characters – the Woman in It’s Too Cold For You Here and Calypso in Ogygia – relatable to you? How or why not?
  • Envision and share a future of healing and resilience for the Woman and Calypso five to ten years in their futures.

OBTAINING THE SCRIPTS: Both plays this month are unpublished plays. These scripts are also available if you register as a reader ($10/yr) on National New Play Network’ New Play Exchange.

May 18 – Saluting Armed Forces Day and Colorado Playwrights