Love Letters to Authors - Hunter S. Thompson

Dear Hunter S. Thompson -

I hope this letter finds you, wherever you are.  

You never met me and never will at this point, but I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the influence you had on me…

Your fearlessly warped gonzo writing inspired me as a fledgling journalist. You made me want to grab my readers, involve them in the story and force them to think.  When I became editor of my high school newspaper I tried to follow your example. (I'll just say I was lucky to be allowed to graduate and leave town relatively unscathed.)

I really wish you were still around to write about politics in these senseless times when Fear and Loathing have truly come home to roost.  You'll be pleased to know your books are still in print in 2017, and even have their own section in the Cultural Studies section of the Tattered Cover book stores.  I do my best to keep them in stock and hand them over to new generations of readers..

(I'll be honest, I could never follow in your footsteps - I hate ether and random gun play, but hey, nobody's perfect.)  I'm no longer a journalist, but I am a writer and a bookseller and something of an optimist, because I believe humor and the truth will win.  I'm sorry the darkness finally caught up with you, but your fearless attitude still inspires me.

Your fan,