Heart and Soul: Memoir Writing Workshops: Summer 2013

“For who will testify, who will accurately describe our lives if we do not do it ourselves?” ~Faye Moskowitz
We all have hilarious, compelling, poignant, soulful stories to tell, and they're not going to write themselves. The time is now to get the job done. Tattered Cover has teamed once again with Kelly Jo Eldredge (4 Cats, Ink) to offer our popular Heart and Soul Memoir Writing Workshop. 

The 8-week workshop will walk participants through the essential steps to take their story from a murky memory to a book they can hold in their hands, one that will preserve their legacy for years to come.
The Heart and Soul Memoir Writing Class is fantastic. If you’re interested in writing about your life, I cannot recommend this enough as a great way to kick-start. In addition to learning about the craft of memoirs from a great teacher and amping up my writing output, I have had the great fortune to hear the work of the other participants in the class. I only wish it would continue on longer! ~Barbara Ittner

The Heart and Soul Memoir Writing Workshop has been the perfect catalyst for me. Structure, discipline, homework, great feedback from the teacher and fellow writers . . . just what I needed to push me to actually write the book I have been talking about writing for an embarrassing number of years! ~ Faye Maguire

Summer 2013 Heart and Soul Workshop at Tattered Cover's Historic Lodo location includes:

  8 two-hour writing workshops utilizing the GIG (Get In Gear) Method developed by Kelly Jo Eldredge

Essential coaching on the craft of memoir writing

Tips on collecting and preserving your family history

Prompts to get you and keep you engaged (you’ll never run
out of ideas!)

One-on-one support from Kelly Jo Eldredge

Opportunity in every class to share excerpts, progress,
and pitfalls

Formatting and design support for publication

A valuable coupon to print your book using Tattered Cover Press
Classes are $250 per person.
Registration by credit card is available online:
Visit the 4 Cats, Inc. website for registration and more information.