Friends of Tattered Cover


Calling all Friends of Tattered Cover!

Are you a friend of Tattered Cover? We know you’re a friend of Tattered Cover and we love that and thank you for your continued support! We are referring to the brand new Friends of Tattered Cover (FoTC) membership program!

Unfamiliar with FoTC? Allow us to explain…
The Friends of Tattered Cover program is an opportunity for customers (that’s YOU) to participate in a brand, new program that benefits both its members as well as supporting an iconic Denver institution--we might be a little biased! FoTC is an annual membership that costs $20 per year.

If you sign up to join, you will be eligible for some amazing exclusive opportunities. 

Opportunities such as…

  • Purchase rewards! For every $200 spent at the store, members will receive a gift card of $15.
  • Tattered Cover event tickets. FoTC members will get the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance to select events, before tickets go on sale to the public! Remember when Hillary Clinton came to Tattered Cover? What about Bruce Springsteen? Those tickets were sold out minutes after they became available. Did you miss those events because you couldn’t get a ticket? Now members will have 24 - 48 hours in advance to purchase tickets! And while we cannot guarantee a ticket, this opportunity greatly increases your chance of attending an event.
  • Partying with Tattered Cover!  An exclusive invitation to an annual party, which will have refreshments, snacks a storewide discount (15% off) and much more.

To sign up, simply click on FoTC Membership or Add to Cart below, or visit your local Tattered Cover!

New members will receive a packet in the mail confirming and welcoming you to the FoTC program. Also included is a little gift from us, exclusively for FoTC members. 

If you have additional comments or questions regarding the membership program you can call the store and ask to be connected to Friends of Tattered Cover, or feel free to send an email to
Thank you for your support!

*Please note that FoTC membership benefits will not apply to purchases made in the store cafes/restaurants or the store’s airport location. 
Additionally, some items (sales tax, stamps, parking passes) will not count toward a member’s gift card reward goal.

Just click ADD TO CART to get started.