Tattered Cover Presents: Medical Aid in Dying

Join Tattered Cover on Monday, September 27th at 5:00pm at our Colfax location for a panel discussion on Medical Aid in Dying.

An open ended discussion about end of life issues, particularly with regard to the Colorado End of Life Options Act, which is currently in its 5th year of implementation, featuring a doctor, a physicians assistant with decades of experience in end of life care and issues, and a death doula, all based in Colorado. Discussion moderated by Sam DeWitt, Southwest Campaigns Manager for Compassion & Choices, the nation's largest and oldest nonprofit dedicated to expanding care and choice at the end of life.

Panelists include:

Sam DeWitt

Sam DeWitt is the Southwestern Regional Campaign & Outreach Manager with Compassion & Choices, the nation's largest and oldest nonprofit dedicated to care and choice at the end of life. In 2017, he helped expand access to the newly-enacted Colorado End of Life Options Act, ensuring that any terminally ill Coloradan who wants to die peacefully in the time and place of their choosing is able to do so with the help of a supportive healthcare system. He's a native of Denver, and lives with his wife and two daughters in a fortified compound in Central Park.

Vanessa Johnston

Vanessa Johnston has delivered many successful presentations for all types of organizations, from small church groups to the statewide Colorado Guardianship Association. As an End-of-Life Doula, her passion lies in describing the many facets of the modern Death-Positive Movement. This new approach to death and dying attempts to demystify the process that is the natural final milestone for everyone. She can clarify the toxic history of embalming and introduce audiences to recent advances in funeral practices, such as more ecological choices like green burials and aquamation. In addition, Vanessa can reveal the work of a EOL Doula and the importance of thoughtful Life Reviews and Vigil Plans. Finally, Vanessa is happy to share various resources for completing legal documents like Advance Directives and helpful tips for having difficult conversations with loved ones. Her enthusiasm comes from inspiring the public to live their best lives by embracing death.

Skye O’Neil

Skye O’Neil is a Physician Assistant whose entire medical career, spanning over 30 years, has been devoted to providing End of Life Care. She began her career as a hospice nurse in Boulder and then returned to school to become a PA. She received her post graduate training at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and was part of an inpatient Palliative Care team there where she worked along side of and eventually trained residents and fellows. She found her way back to Colorado in 2005 to become the clinical lead at an inpatient hospice care center in Wheat Ridge. She joined Denver Health in 2017 as the Medical Aid in Dying program was being formed and found herself surrounded by people determined to bring this new legislation to the people of Colorado. Having been a strong supporter of the End of Life Options Act in Colorado, it felt like a homecoming to be part of this new program. She has remained with the Program for 4 years and while retiring seems like a good idea, Skye has not yet been able to extricate herself from this incredibly meaningful work.

Dr. Barry Platnick

Dr. Platnick is a trauma and acute care surgeon and surgical intensivist at Denver health. He was previously the Dir. of trauma surgery at Denver health and has given up that position to pursue training and practice in hospice and palliative care medicine while continuing at Denver health as an active clinician in the department of surgery. Dr. Platnick works with the MAID program as a consultant at Denver Health.

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Monday, September 27, 2021 - 5:00pm
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Tuesday, September 7, 2021 - 10:30am
Tuesday, September 7, 2021 - 10:30am