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Why don't more people ever achieve financial literacy? What can you do right now to put more money in your pocket? Joe Saul-Sehy, co-author of the new book STACKED: Your Super Serious Guide to Modern Money Management will talk about how you can stack MORE benjamins! He'll share tips and ideas from the book.

What can you expect? The unexpected, of course.

Books will be available for purchase. Million Stories is on-board with us (Joe will interview a Stacker in every city for a new Instagram video series).

We're excited to hang out with Stackers we know and to meet some new friends.

We hope you can join us!



Rich. Wealthy. Well-heeled. Moneyed. Affluent. Not bad—but why not get Stacked instead? If you’ve ever dreamed of a basic philosophy of money that’ll help you live bigger, be bolder, and laugh harder, you need this book.

In these uncertain times, the basics matter more than ever. But for most of us, concepts such as investing, budgeting, and getting out of debt just don’t float our boats (or 150-foot yachts)—and so we put them off longer than we should. Joe Saul-Sehy and Emily Guy Birken are here to tell you that personal finance can be a lot more fun than you think. (No haberdashery, maritime knowledge, or specialized flatware required.)

Learn about everything from side hustles, to hiring a legit financial adviser, to planning for emergencies, to what’s new and exciting—and actually worth your time—in financial apps and software. If you’re looking for the same old get-rich-quick clichés, avocado toast shaming, or alphabet soup of incomprehensible financial terms, you won’t find them here. Instead, Saul-Sehy and Birken take you step by step along the way to financial success, with their signature blend of shrewd financial information and wacky humor.



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McGregor Square