Mario Acevedo, Kathy Brandt, Laurie Wagner Buyer, Margaret Coel, W.C. Jameson, Mara Purl, Joe Stone, & Susan Tweit - An Elevated View: Colorado Writers on Writing

Colfax Avenue: Editor W.C. Jameson and many contributors to the new book An Elevated View: Colorado Writers on Writing ($14.95 Seven Oaks Publishing) will discuss and sign this eclectic collection. Jameson has long been interested in why writers do what they do. He has also wondered how living in Colorado specifically influences the writing experience. So he asked authors, with no rules or boundaries, to share whatever they wanted about their art and lives. This collection offers a peek inside the minds of Colorado authors as they reflect on topics like the writing process, identity as shaped by place, and the stronghold of Colorado’s history as a catalyst for creativity.

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