Lois Britton Presents Once Upon a Felony

Tattered Cover is pleased to welcome Lois Britton as she presents her book Once Upon a Felony: True Stories of How Four Women Reshaped Their Lives After Prison. Joining her this evening are two women featured in the book: Katherine and Michelle. This event will take place at our Colfax location on September 9th at 6pm. It is free and not ticketed.


Four women courageously share their stories about their crimes-assault, kidnapping, DUI with vehicular assault, assault with a deadly weapon. They confront their addictions and their anger, and accept the blame. They tell their prison experiences with honesty, the devastation to their families with poignancy, and their road to resilience with humility.

"In prison, you analyze and try to figure out every aspect of your life, what went wrong. It's traumatic." -Katheryn

"I grew up in prison. I grew into something different. Prison will be a part of me forever. It was the best thing that ever happened to me." -Kalena

"I got sober before I went to prison. I got out of my warrant, served my sentence. I don't know what else I gained by going to prison. Being away from my kids is my biggest punishment, not so much the prison." -Alejandra

"When I went to prison, I thought I didn't have any say-so any more. Like how could my kids ever look up to me as a mom figure ever again? But going to prison was the best thing for me, absolutely." -Michelle

"...walk in the shoes of formerly incarcerated women...Ms. Britton vividly and compassionately chronicles their life experiences before, during, and after prison." - -Nadine Kerstetter, Teacher, Denver Women's Correctional Facility

"Compelling. These stories are filled with trials, tribulations and ultimately hope--hope that successfully reentering society after removal is possible". - -Bryon Sparling, Assistant Director, Adult Parole Colorado Department of Corrections



Author Lois Britton has been involved with women’s issues since 2000—as Chief of Women’s Health Promotion for the Illinois Department of Public Health; as a volunteer and mentor for women in prison, women with mental health issues and young women aging out of foster care; and as a GED teacher for at-risk single mothers on Temporary Aid to Needy Families. Most recently she was Supervisor of Education at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility where almost 1,000 women were incarcerated.

Two of the women featured in the book will read and be available for questions and discussion:

Katheryn is a mother, a tattoo artist, an accomplished professional baker and a convicted felon. She was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon when she was 22 and spent six years in Denver Women’s Correctional Facility and La Vista Women’s Correctional Facility. She is an articulate and authentic communicator, shy by nature, but honored to be telling her story.

Kalena is the mother of four boys, a paralegal, a prison volunteer and holds the title of Ms. Colorado.  An extrovert and public relations natural, she folds her six-year prison experience into all aspects of her life, encouraging others to hope and keep moving forward.

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Published: Outskirts Press - April 19th, 2022

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