Lizzie Bair at Aspen Grove

Please join Lizzie Bair at our Aspen Grove location on May 22nd at 3pm.


 Lizzie Bair lives in Colorado with her parents, twin sisters and dog. She loves poetry, romance novels and enemies of lover's tropes. She is a huge fan of anime and the Disney movie Tangled. Lizzie is a peer counselor at her high school, interested in chemistry, studies American Sign Language and holds an adult black belt in Mixed Martial Arts. She lets her heart and feelings guide her poetry and finds inspiration everywhere, in everything, and believes that even the most simple moments can be magic. To aspiring poets Lizzie says, "Just go for it! Write from your heart, from your life, from your experience. Write about anything and make it a masterpiece." The Flowers of My Soul is Lizzie's first collection of poetry and prose, written when she as sixteen years old. Her work can also be found at Instagram@lifeinstanzas and at



The Flowers of My Soul, by 16 year old Lizzie Bair, is a window into the life of a teenage girl. Published in April of 2022, it is a timeless read for every teenager and those touched by the life of a, friends, educators, clergy, medical and mental health professionals. Presented in four chapters, Lizzie illuminates the rthymic power of poetry with the clarity and precision of prose. She deftly balances the supportive force of family and friends while navigating the chaos and hope of today's teenagers. Wrapped in the bouquet of her first poem, Flowers of My Soul, she ties the perfect concluding bow with A Night to Remember. The Flowers of My Soul is a deep, fresh, evocative work. A vibrant and mysterious journey for readers - young, old and in-between.

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Aspen Grove