Leaders as Readers: Priya Burkett

Tattered Cover welcomes Priya Burkett on Monday, November 22nd at 6pm MT to our McGregor store as a part of our Leaders as Readers series.

Tattered Cover introduces a literary event series for readers by readers. Readers are leaders in the community and literature has touched the lives of many in a variety of ways. We want to celebrate those stories that have influenced us, taught us, helped us grow, challenged us and changed us. Inviting local, influential members of our community, we want to talk to them about books and stories. What was the book that made them fall in love with reading? Where’s your favorite place to read? What book has changed your life? What books do you recommend everyone read at least once? All of these questions and more are answered as we go beyond the surface, dive into the magic of books, and authentically engage with the community through the best way we know how: stories.

Priya Burkett was born in Washington D.C. and spent the first five years of her life in Hyderabad, India. When she was five years old, she left the care of her grandmother in India, and returned to Washington D.C. to join her parents. Upon graduation from The George Washington University, she programmed systems for financial firms in New York City. In 1999 her professional career brought her to Denver, CO, where she completed her Executive MBA. She resides with her husband, and her three children in Denver.

Important Event Information - COVID Policy:

The following safety measures have been put in place for all events to ensure the safety of our staff, speakers, and customers:

Masks for audience members are mandatory throughout the event

No food or drink will be permitted into the event area

Seats will be set up in groups of 2-4 and 6" in distance from other groups

Social distancing of 6" with the speakers is required unless the speaker invites customers closer