Joel Berger - Extreme Conservation

Life at the Edges of the World, a Science Book Talk & Signing 

Joel Berger is the Barbara Cox Anthony University Chair in Wildlife Conservation at Colorado State University, a senior scientist with the Wildlife Conservation Society, and noted author of the books The Better to Eat You With: Fear in the Animal World, Horn of Darkness: Rhinos on the Edge, and Wild Horses of the Great Basin. He will discuss and sign Extreme Conservation: Life at the Edges of the World ($30.00 University of Chicago Press).

In the New York Review of Books, Tim Flannery described Berger as "a hero of biology who deserves the highest honors that science can bestow."

Science writer David Quammen compared Berger to the likes of Jane Goodall, who began studying wild chimpanzees in Tanzania at the age of 26, and George Schaller, a German-born American conservationist and author who is recognized as the world's preeminent field biologist.

And Emily Strelow, writing for the Washington Independent Review of Books, said: "The writing is bright and engaging, borderline 'CSI' thriller at times, like when he encounters a mysterious 'death assemblage' of muskoxen frozen in ice. Berger has written a book about conservation, yes, but there is something here for every type of reader.

Berger walks the line as the book often does between adventure tale and science writing, she added. "This is not just a book for scientists or environmentalists, but feeling humans of all stripes. I challenge any reader capable of perspective and empathy not to feel inspired... and be spurred on to climate action by Berger's vivid anecdotes of animals at the extreme edges of the world."

Berger received his doctoral degree in biology from the University of Colorado Boulder. 


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Published: University of Chicago Press - August 2nd, 2018

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