The Hue-Man Experience: Diamond Michael Scott

The Hue-Man Experience at Tattered Cover presents Diamond Michael Scott of Great Books Great Minds: Navigating Through a Sea of Books – How to Decide Your Next Read

McGregor Square Tattered Cover on September 10th, at 6pm MST

The Hue-Man Experience at Tattered Cover presents Diamond Michael Scott of Great Books Great Minds for an interactive, engaging dialogue on how he picks his next read. As an established editor and independent journalist, Michael will walk attendees through all elements he evaluates when determining what books are worth the buy. He will share some of his favorites from around the store and make recommendations based on guests' preferences, using his keen editorial eye.

Diamond-Michael Scott is the Founder and Global Book Ambassador of Great Books, Great Minds, a global community of authors and readers with a mission in fostering a more free, expansive, and connected world, one book at a time. A full-time independent journalist for over ten years, his articles highlighting authors and books have appeared in numerous publications including, Comstock’s Magazine, Bitcoin Magazine, and First Boulevard, among others. Find his blog here.

The Hue-Man Experience at Tattered Cover is a partnership with NAACP-nominated businesswoman, Clara Villarosa. Under her guidance, the partnership aims at promoting learning and awareness, while amplifying historically-marginalized BIPOC voices. The Hue-Man Experience at Tattered Cover hosts an event on the second Friday of each month at the McGregor Square location. Learn more here.

Important Event Information: COVID policy

The following safety measures have been put in place for all events to ensure the safety of our staff, speakers, and customers:

Masks for audience members are mandatory throughout the event

No food or drink will be permitted into the event area

Seats will be set up in groups of 2-4 and 6" in distance from other groups

Social distancing of 6" with the speakers is required unless the speaker invites customers closer

Event Location: 
McGregor Square