Gail Strickland -- Night of Pan & Cheryl Carpinello -- Sons of the Sphinx (Highlands Ranch)

Gail Strickland will read from and sign her debut novel Night of Pan ($14.99 Curiosity Quills Press), the first book in her new young adult trilogy about the Oracle of Delphi. Fifteen-year-old Thaleia is haunted by visions: roofs dripping blood, Athens burning. She tries to convince her best friend and all the villagers that she’s not crazy. The gods really do speak to her, and they have plans for her!
Cheryl Carpinello will read from and sign her new novel for young readers Sons of the Sphinx ($10.95). Armed with what she considers her grandmother’s curse, 15-year-old Rosa agrees to help the ghost of King Tut find his lost queen Hesena. Though Hesena’s ba inhabits part of Rosa, finding the whole spirit of Hesena so that she and Tut can be together for the first time in over 3500 years proves to be a harder task than Rosa first imagines.