Dionne Williams Voss, Darci J. Steiner, Catherine Berra, and Hazel Ramsbotham at McGregor Square

Tattered Cover is pleased to welcome Dionne Williams Voss, Darci J. Steiner, Catherine Berra, and Hazel Ramsbotham to our McGregor Square location on November 9th at 6pm to discuss and sign their books. This event is free and open to the public.



Dionne Williams Voss is a native of Colorado and the author of The Shadows of Darkness: Then Came the Light, and Aunt Summer’s Rose. Through her writing, Dionne addresses the long-term effects of childhood trauma, stemming from vicious cycles that existed deep from within her bloodline. It wasn’t until Dionne’s younger adult years as a single mother, that she made the decision to shatter what she so often refers to as, the chains of bondage that threatened to claim her future. Dionne currently holds a bachelor’s degree in human services from Metropolitan State University of Denver and a master’s degree in criminal justice from Colorado University of Denver. She enjoys spending family time with her husband, children, and granddaughter. Dionne made the decision to share her story of triumph with the world in her effort to inspire and encourage others to fight the good fight of faith. It was faith that kept Dionne grounded and hopeful for a better future. Additional info about Dionne can be located by visiting www.DionneWilliamsVoss.com.

Darci J. Steiner is the author of the award-winning biblically based book, Beauty Beyond the Thorns: Discovering Gifts in Suffering. She began writing as a way to process her pain after becoming disabled from a foot injury. Darci writes to encourage others to never give up hope. She is a disability advocate, inspiring speaker, guest-podcaster, and nutritionist. More importantly, Darci is a follower of Christ, and loves to spend time with her husband, two adult daughters, and granddaughter. Please visit www.darcijsteiner.com to subscribe to the Upside of Suffering Newsletter. 

Catherine Berra is an avid author, poet, equestrian, and world traveler, a dedicated mother and friend, a true lover of nature. She holds a BA in communications/business management from Metropolitan State University in Denver and an Animals and Human Health graduate certification from the University of Denver. For more than twenty years, her career in Washington, D.C., revolved around senior-level logistical and management support to a U.S. Ambassador/philanthropist and technical writing at the U.S. Department of State. Upon her return to Colorado in 2014, she resumed her passion for writing and giving back to the world.  She is the founder of BeHerd, LLC, an equine-assisted, confidence building activities program. 

Catherine resides in Littleton, Colorado, is the proud mother of Alexander Aziz, and relishes her role as caretaker of her rescue horse, Dancer. 

Her previous works include: Lucid Life: A Collection of the Lyrical Poetry (Amazon) 

You may contact her at Sassypantspress@comcast.net.

Hazel Ramsbotham is now 92 years old and exercises about an hour and a half each day to continue enjoying good health. She avoids carbs and sugar as much as possible because she would rather EAT her vegetables than to become one! Teaching private piano was her career for 75 years until she became passionate about health and fitness. Our health is our BEST wealth! Now she is a certified health coach, giving people hope. Visit her on the internet at HazelRamsbotham.com.


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Location: McGregor Square