#DemigodGoals: Myths, Magic, and Mayhem 2019


Join Tattered Cover Book Store as we celebrate the Second Annual Myths, Magic, & Mayhem: a #DemigodGoals event! Each self-paced activity highlights a different aspect of Camp Half-Blood:

● Wheel of Destiny - Spin the wheel to determine which of the eight Camp Half-Blood cabins you belong to.
● Eyes of a God Scavenger Hunt - Pick up a clue sheet and find the hints located around the store.
● It’s All Greek to Me! - Learn to write your name using the Greek alphabet.
● Mark of a Demigod - Show off your #DemigodGoals with a customized temporary tattoo.
● Demigod Defense - Color and design your own Riptide sword.
● Demigod of Fame Photo Op - Take your own photos with mythology-themed props and a #DemigodGoals backdrop.
● Let Fate Decide - After collecting coins from each activity, drop the coins down the board to let fate determine your destiny. Receive a prize, be it a button, bracelet, t-shirt, and more, based on where coins lands.


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! This event is free to attend, but space is limited and registration is encouraged.

Event Location: 
Colfax Avenue