Colorado Writers' Salon: Queer Comics with Yves Navant

The Colorado Writers' Salon presents an evening with Yves Navant to discuss his artwork, bringing queer identity to the comics world, and speak on his new book 13:The Astonishing Lives Of The Nueromantics.


Yves Navant Illustrator, antihero, author, nerd, rebel, monster, survivor.

Yves Navant is the youngest of 13 monsters, coming of age against all odds in the nighttime world of punk rock and hedonism. He was raised with lions and tigers. Seriously.

Yves’ harrowing life was depicted in the award nominated memoir The Many Deaths of Kristian 13. Yves conceived, authored and illustrated the graphic novel 13:The Astonishing Lives Of The Nueromantics, published by Northwest Press.

Event Location: 
Colfax Avenue