Chrysta Bairre at McGregor Square

Tattered Cover is pleased to welcome Colorado author Chrysta Bairre to our McGregor Square location on Sunday, December 5th at 3pm MT to read from her book Beautiful Badass!

About the Book:

"Look on the bright side!" "Just choose happiness!" "You can do anything you set your mind to!" We've all heard these things before, usually from well-meaning people who just want to help - but for those who have experienced significant hardship in life, these statements often miss the mark.

Positive thinking will only get you so far - especially when contending with trauma, mental illness, economic instability, and other factors that act as barriers to success. In this engaging blend of memoir and self-help, Chrysta Bairre shares heartfelt stories and lessons of overcoming abuse, poverty, and depression to create a life that works for her. Beautiful Badass: How to Believe In Yourself Against the Odds is an essential guide for women who are tired of being told to "think positive" and instead want to take command of their destinies and stop falling prey to the hardships that previously defined them.

Go beyond well-meaning platitudes and learn real, practical tools for improving your quality of life - regardless of the hand you've been dealt.

Event Location: 
McGregor Square