The Challenges of Teen Friendships: A Conversation between YA author Carol Dines and psychologist Dr. Amy Hartl

Tattered Cover is pleased to invite YA author Carol Dines and psychologist Dr. Amy Hartl for a virtual conversation about The Challenges of Teen Friendships as well as Dines's new book The Take-Over Friend! This virtual event will take place on October 20th at 5:00pm MT. Registration is required.



The story centers on the instant and intense friendship bond between shy and introverted Francis and witty, outgoing newcomer Sonja when they meet on the second day of their freshman year of high school. The two teens are euphoric about their blossoming relationship; Frances is charmed by Sonja’s energy and worldliness, while Sonja adores Frances’s sense of calm and dependability. She’s also taken with Frances’s close-knit family, especially her older brother, Will. Family crises impact both girls—Sonja’s parents are caught in a bitter divorce, and Frances’s father suffers from bipolar disorder. When Sonja’s mother attempts suicide, Sonja temporarily moves in with Frances and her family. Sonja’s dominating personality begins to overwhelm Frances, causing her to doubt herself and her own talents. And when Sonja’s infatuation with Will becomes obsessive, Frances feels manipulated and attempts to set some boundaries. For Sonja, there is no middle ground, and she sees Frances’ efforts to regain her independence as the ultimate betrayal.


Carol Dines writes novels and short stories for adults and young adults. Her latest YA novel, THE TAKE-OVER FRIEND, will be published by Fitzroy Books in October 2022. She’s also written two additional YA novels: Best Friends Tell the Best
Lies (Delacorte) and The Queen’s Soprano (Harcourt), as well as a collection of YA short stories, Talk to Me (Delacorte.)

Her collection of short stories for adults, This Distance We Call Love, was published by Orison Books in 2021. Additionally, her fiction has appeared in numerous literary journals including Ploughshares, Narrative, Colorado Review, Salamander, Nimrod, as well as anthologies Someone Speaks My Language, Love and Lust, and Voices of the Land.

Carol Dines is a recipient of the SWCA’s Judy Blume award as well as a recipient of Minnesota and Wisconsin State Artist Fellowships. She’s a graduate of Stanford University and has an M.A. from Colorado State University. She was born in Rochester, Minnesota and currently resides in Minneapolis with her husband and standard poodle.


Amy Hartl is a psychologist who did her PhD research on the adolescent social world, specifically how and why teen friendships so often end. Her research examined the dynamics of teen friendship, romantic relationships, and the peer network. One of her studies was monumental in examining why most teen friendships end and is used in research to understand how contemporary school culture and social media impact teen friendship.


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