Aleta Antoinette at Aspen Grove

Tattered Cover is pleased to welcome Colorado author Aleta Antoinette to our Aspen Grove location on Sunday, December 5th at 3pm MT to read from her book Imagine Peace!

About the Book:

This full colored, hard cover, coffee table book started out as a simple legacy of four decades of poetry for Aleta's family expanded to people who inspired her and brought meaning to her life, the photographers whose artwork shines throughout the book, and the charities who generously and passionately bring their gifts to the world. May these people and their magnificence inspire you, as well. A unique and inspired book, making it the perfect gift for someone special.

This book highlights charities across the globe and inspires the Five Cs: Compassion, Communion, Collaboration, Community, and Connection.

This book was started at the beginning of the pandemic along with the author organizing a community face mask campaign where over 6200 face masks were donated to local hospitals, nursing homes and shelters. During this time decades of poetry was discovered and this was the beginning of writing a book of poetry combined with honoring charities around the globe. Net proceeds from the sale of this book will go toward funding an Imagine PeaceMobile which will take peace education out to the community, peace on wheels. This book also serves as a lifelong mission of the author to make peace accessible and meaningful. Enjoy this journey through poetry, art, and collaboration.

About the Author:

Committed to her dream of generating tranquility for humans around the world, Aleta Antoinette established the Imagine Peace Foundation. Her goals are to build a center where visitors explore the energy of peace, and to expand it with a PeaceMobile as a traveling exhibit of amity. Aleta's mission is to be a peace warrior by using creativity, imagination, gifts, and commitment with gratitude to bring forth a more peaceful world. Aleta's blog, A Year of Gifting recognizes various nonprofits to assist donors with a proper match to a cause. As an award-winning Realtor, Aleta hosts seminars, and sponsors community events in honor of people and their pets. Her Homes That Give program makes donations to charities based on a portion of her sales commission at closings. Inspired by the giving legacies of her grandmother and father, Aleta believes that supporting others who desire to create peace results in multiple rewards such as compassion, unity, freedom, joy, surprise, wonder, awe, and love. As humanity seeks more peace, Aleta leads the way.

Event Location: 
Aspen Grove