AJ Duncan Signing at McGregor Square

Meet AJ Duncan as they sign from their book Bullet Holes at our McGregor Square location on Sunday, February 20 at 2pm!

AJ Duncan’s love of writing and politics began in the fifth grade when she won an essay contest themed “What Happens in Washington DC”. Duncan wrote her first full length novel, Bullet Holes, in 2019. It is a saga of gun violence, politics, love, and hope and is best described as part political drama, part love story, and part action thriller. Duncan dreamed the entire plot of the book, arose the next morning to outline the storyline, and completed the novel in 6 months. Due to the pandemic, book launch events, signing parties, and author talks were limited in 2020 and 2021, but Duncan is determined to pick up where things left off to garner the attention she believes the book deserves in 2022 and beyond. 


AJ Duncan’s interest in politics has continued throughout her life and she loves civil debates with acquaintances, (yes, there is such a thing), with an end goal of finding common ground. Ending senseless gun violence is a passion for Duncan, who was deeply affected by the Columbine school shooting in her Denver community. Duncan hopes that readers of Bullet Holes will be inspired to contemplate and initiate positive change, all the while engaged in robust storytelling.


Event Location: 
McGregor Square