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University of North Carolina constitutional law professor and attorney Gene Nichol has been a burr under the saddle of the Republican-majority NC Legislature for several years, and with good reason. More than any other commentators, his fiery OP-EDs have chronicled the literal dismantling of long-held conventions and values in the moderate state, as the veto-proof majority fostered racism, gerrymandered voting districts, legislated bathroom behavior, and grossly limited the power of the governorship, to name just a few of their initiatives. Nichols has not been shy to call out these outrages, and in this book, commissioned by Blair, we asked him to “let it rip.” He has. In plain language, he lays out the recent history of this body and the effects of their actions. Many of their enacted pieces of legislation are now cropping up in other states, so in the upcoming election year, this book will remind the citizens of North Carolina what has happened to their state—and maybe, even more importantly, it will serve as a cautionary tale to other states who are about to go down the same path.

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ISBN-13: 9781949467284
Publisher: Blair
Publication Date: April 6th, 2020