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Empathy and perseverance take center stage in this sweet picture book about a boy’s love for his (unusual) pet.

Raja had always wanted to have a pet like the happy kids in his school books did. But most yard animals in India worked. They weren’t for play. Nevertheless, when Raja stumbled upon a scared, baby camel, he took him home and made him his own pet.

But it wasn’t long before there were smashed pots! Broken fences! And a big mess everywhere! Kamal was a wild camel with wild ways! Raja’s father was not pleased. “We don’t have time for camels. We’re too busy herding goats,” he warned.

Raja loved his new pet but his father is fed up with the mess and determined to sell him at the next fair. Will Raja find a way to keep Kamal or will they lose each other forever? This tale of unconditional love and hope is sure to enchant any child!

With illustrations that detail the bright colors of India and the Thar Desert, Raja’s Pet Camel by Anita Nahta Amin carries the key message of perseverance, tradition and love supported by the many advocates of positive parenting solutions. It'll sit comfortably on your shelf alongside other books that focus on overcoming obstacles and focusing on hope in the name of love, like the work of Gaia Cornwall (Jabari Jumps) and Adir Levy (What Should Danny Do?).

This book comes with a free Reader’s Guide for children available for free download from the publisher website. Lesson plans on nouns and verbs, activities and discussion questions allow parents, teachers and caregivers to explore the book further and deepen comprehension.

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ISBN-13: 9781733035934
Publisher: Cardinal Rule Press
Publication Date: September 30th, 2020