Fearful Times; Living Faith (Kobo eBook)

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We live in fearful times with many threats and horrors. We've seen a pandemic, systemic racism and violence, resurgent nationalism and tribalism, polarization and mutual suspicion, insurrection, environmental peril due to climate change, and on. We can feel helpless. But these threats give impetus for reflection on what faith has to say in any time of challenge. Where do we turn in real need? What makes a difference? What do we really believe? Can we speak in Christ's name against dishonesty, cruelty, and neglect of the most needy and vulnerable in times of crisis? The recent pandemic and other horrors provide the catalyst for theology that lives today and in the future, in fearful times and whatever comes next. As Christians, as people of faith, how do we find God alive in us and present in our turmoil? And how do we share that hope with others? How can Christian faith help us bring the best out of the worst? Can we rediscover our faith, our church, our lives in these times of crisis? This volume presents a variety of perspectives and answers for questions of fearful times and living faith.

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ISBN-13: 9781666724219
Publisher: Wipf and Stock
Publication Date: November 18th, 2021