Has Your Child Been Traumatized? (Kobo eBook)

Has Your Child Been Traumatized? By Melissa Goldberg Mintz, PsyD, Jon G. Allen, PhD Cover Image
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When your child has been through an upsetting or stressful event, it can feel overwhelming. Is your child traumatized? Are new behaviors normal, or signs of PTSD? What can you do to make your child feel safe again? Psychologist Melissa Goldberg Mintz knows what is needed to support a traumatized child--and she knows that loving parents play the most important role. In this wise and authoritative guide, Dr. Goldberg Mintz shares specific, critical information and insights into what trauma looks like at different ages, why some kids exposed to the same event react very differently, how to help your child through trauma triggers, when to seek professional help, and more. She provides crucial tools for ensuring that your child doesn’t feel constrained by fear--and can face future challenges with hope and resilience.

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ISBN-13: 9781462550555
Publisher: The Guilford Press
Publication Date: June 12th, 2022