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Imagine a little white pill that can dramatically boost your memory and IQ. Oh, just one thing—it also removes your ability to believe in God...

Welcome to a future where it is the mind of man, rather than his technology, that has been dramatically altered. It is this changed Earth that experiences unusual extraterrestrial visitation.

Set in rustic Greece and Israel, The God Antenna is a human story, a tale set around two opposite men, one who fits into this world of tomorrow while the other is simply unable to come to terms with it. These men walk very different paths, going on very different journeys, each wondrous yet one of science and rationality, the other of chance and religious interpretation.

Literary science fiction with a mythic semblance, this is a story where post-humanity, love and betrayal, artificial intelligence, the duplication of biblical miracles, the oldest alien world in the cosmos, Centaurs from across the void, the origin of the ancient entity we call God, and the astounding philosophical implications of extra-solar life and nature all culminate in a global event unparalleled in all human history.

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ISBN-13: 9780985223014
Publisher: Zinovii Art Studio
Publication Date: May 31st, 2012