Determined to Believe? (Kobo eBook)

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A serious biblical and philosophical investigation of theological determinism: the idea that everything that happens has already been decided by God, including who will and won’t be saved.

This book was written for those who are interested in, or troubled by, questions about God's sovereignty and human freedom and responsibility. Christian apologist John Lennox writes in the spirit of helping people understand the biblical treatment of these concepts.

In this mind-bending review of the topics of theological determinism, predestination, election, and foreknowledge, Lennox:

  • Defines the problem, considering the concept of freedom, the different kinds of determinism, and the moral issues these pose.
  • Explores the range of theological opinion and unpacks what the Bible—especially the gospels and Paul's letter to the Romans—teaches about human and sovereign will.
  • Addresses the question of Christian assurance: how can I know if I have salvation?

This nuanced and detailed study challenges some of the widely held assumptions about theological determinism and brings a fresh perspective to the debate.

This book is for anyone who's asked questions like:

  • Is my decision to believe or disbelieve in Jesus actually my decision?
  • Is it possible for a genuine believer to lose their salvation?
  • How much free will do I really have?

By the author of Seven Days that Divide the World and 2084: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity, Determined to Believe? will launch your consciousness into a fresh understanding and appreciation of this important Christian debate and help you think both biblically and logically about the human condition.