Denver Academy Book Fair

Welcome to the Denver Academy's Book Fair! Please click on the wishlists below to purchase books for the teachers and their classrooms. All of these titles will be shipped directly to the school.  Please note that purchases for teacher books should be separate from personal purchases. Every book on our site is eligible for the book fair.

 For all orders please use code DA2021 at checkout to help us track sales. Thank You!


Teacher Wishlists


Scott Allen

Katie Bradford

Jessica Bodden

Gay Carlson

Hannah Crawford

Tanny Curran

Matt Dastin

Bobby Duhamel

Vanessa Fritzsche

Katie Frankel

Alyssa Gafvert

Emily Garbus

Andrew Green

Kacie Ireland


Olivia Jennings

Ashley Kelemen

Tommy Laird

Kristi Mackenzie

Rachel Nalecz

Kate Owen

Kayla Pellechoud

Jenn Perry

Emily Popper

Jess Prezkuta

Cynthia Richardson

Mark Twarogowski

Kristen Wander

Kayla Wheat


Featured Authors

Featured Author Jennifer Ward

Librarian Jolene Gutiérrez