Venenum (Hardcover)

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Venenum (Hardcover)


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In Raine's dull reality, she never expected to kiss a boy, let alone a shape-shifting, poisonous one. Nathair, a descendant of the infamous snake in the Garden of Eden, never expected to seal their fate with a kiss.

Raine is a mousy people pleaser who constantly puts the happiness of her family and friends over her own. Her only escape from reality is through books. Going rogue, she takes control over her life as the 'main character.' However, her impulsive decision ends up forcing her to help Nathair, a serpent from the magical realm of Thebes, turn into a human. Through the serpent, she is introduced to his mystical library, which may hold the secret to his transformation. As she learns about the world of Fabulous Creatures, strange things happen. Apparitions talk to her, an angelic woman haunts her dreams, and a dark creature offers his services. It is up to Raine to decide which path she will take. Should she take the easy route and go back to her regular life? Or should she burn it all down and start anew? After all, one wrong move can end her life.

Product Details ISBN: 9798988870104
Publisher: Venenumous Books LLC
Publication Date: October 1st, 2023
Pages: 360
Language: English