All's Fair in Past and Present (Paperback)

All's Fair in Past and Present By Nichol Goldstein, Nichol Goldstein (Illustrator) Cover Image

All's Fair in Past and Present (Paperback)


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When Niles, a rare male Omega, realizes a loveless life isn't for him, fate knocks on his door in the shape of an awkward coffeeshop encounter. Jason, a sweet Beta, falls head over heels for Niles at first sight, willing to be friends while holding his breath for something more. Could this brash blond be the one to fill the empty space in Niles's heart?

Or is it Tristan, Niles's volatile first love from high school? The sexy Alpha returns just in time to beg for a second chance, desperately wanting his Omega back in his life. With their chemistry and history together, how can Niles possibly say no?

It's Jason versus Tristan. Safety versus sultry. Which will Niles choose?

And which has a dark secret that goes way beyond sin?

Content Warnings:

M/M explicit sexual content, abusive relationships, emotional manipulation, drugging/forced heat, graphic violence, stalking, and kidnapping.

Product Details ISBN: 9798987010372
Publisher: Nixcomix Publishing
Publication Date: October 31st, 2023
Pages: 256
Language: English