The Fourth Piece (Paperback)

The Fourth Piece By E. Ardell Cover Image

The Fourth Piece (Paperback)


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Admitting what you are will end everything you know. Embracing who you are will start a war...

Life is great when you're good-looking and long as no one knows you're a vulatto. Being half-alien gets you labeled "loser" quicker than being a full vader. So it's a good thing Devon, Lyle, and Lawrence can easily pass for human-until the night of the party. Nothing kills a good time faster than three brothers sharing a psychic vision of a fourth brother who's off-world and going to die unless they do something. But when your brother's emergency happens off-planet, calling 9-1-1 really isn't an option. In their attempt to save a brother they barely remember, Devon, Lyle and Lawrence expose themselves to mortal danger and inherit a destiny that killed the last four guys cursed with it. In 2022, there are humans and aliens, heroes and monsters, choices and prophecies-and four brothers with the power to choose what's left when the gods decide they're through playing games.

Product Details ISBN: 9798987009932
Publisher: Jovian Empress
Publication Date: December 9th, 2023
Pages: 372
Language: English