The Second Endgame (Paperback)

The Second Endgame By E. Ardell Cover Image

The Second Endgame (Paperback)


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"Trust no god" is the best advice ever given. Too bad no one can take it as intergalactic chaos spreads, heroes switch sides, and divine, new players start making moves.

Doomed to play the roles Order's cast them in, Lyle, Evan and Lawrence Lauduethe struggle to make the dangerous decisions needed to win an intergalactic crusade. Meanwhile, recent prisoner of war Devon finds himself face-to-face with the enemy god, Order's son Pandemonium. Desperate to return to his brothers, Devon considers a counteroffer made by Pandemonium who will save Devon's loved ones if he surrenders. As Devon discovers the universe isn't as black and white as he once believed, Lyle, losing his mind from prolonged separation from his twin, sells the rest of his soul to Order, betraying brothers and friends alike to ensure Order returns Devon to his side.

Fearing that his blindness is permanent, Lawrence travels to a distant planet for a magical procedure that might restore his eyesight or leave him in the dark forever, while Evan ventures out to join the war effort's ground forces. Partnered with a stowaway Maiden and former love from a past life, Evan may hold the key to unlocking a power that could free him and his brothers from Order's curse and level the godly playing field at a deadly cost.

As the war boils to a head, the Lauduethe brothers are pawns and rooks in a perilous endgame. The gambit is on the table, but what will the brothers choose when mortal lives are the sacrifice?

Product Details ISBN: 9798987009925
Publisher: Jovian Empress
Publication Date: January 5th, 2024
Pages: 374
Language: English