Know Yourself: A Journey from Lost to Found (Paperback)

Know Yourself: A Journey from Lost to Found By Tom Troja Cover Image

Know Yourself: A Journey from Lost to Found (Paperback)


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Tom had a good life. Then, he had a bad stroke. At the pinnacle of his career, he lost his home, his business, his wife, and his dog. He lost himself.

Before the fall, Tom was an early social media pioneer. He helped blue chip brands articulate their true identities through his proprietary Social Archetyping(TM) system based on the work of Carl Jung. Drawing from the wisdom of ancient philosophers and influenced by mathematicians, artists, and psychologists, Social Archetyping is an operating system, a human compass, and a path to authenticity. After his stroke, Tom used the system on himself. This book is the result.

Identity is fragile. No one teaches us how to connect inwardly. We've become distracted by and addicted to technologies that were meant to set us free. Tom's been behind the data curtain, and he got lost. He can tell you with authority: it's dark back there.

Know Yourself: A Journey from Lost to Found is a memoir of Tom's trip through the darkness to find his true self. In it, he shares a personalized "GPS" to find the best route through the identity maze and offers the tools necessary to accept all that is "you" - the good and the bad, the shadow and the light. This book is an essential guide to finding out who you are, what you want, and what to do about it. Don't miss the opportunity to build a meaningful life.

Product Details ISBN: 9798986217505
Publisher: Tom Troja
Publication Date: December 9th, 2022
Pages: 184
Language: English