Empathy and Understanding In Business (Hardcover)

Empathy and Understanding In Business By Chris Voss, Nick Nanton, Leading Professionals Worldwide (Featuring) Cover Image

Empathy and Understanding In Business (Hardcover)


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In the business times of yesteryear, many did not believe that empathy and understanding mixed well with sound business decisions. However, with the more recent breed of entrepreneurs, many have increasingly recognized that successful and long-lasting relationships depend on using both empathy and understanding to build a solid foundation.

The master of negotiation and Celebrity Expert(R) in this book, Chris Voss, reminds us that entrepreneurs want lasting relationships that build trust and clientele. He questions if anyone associates empathy with enterprise and entrepreneurism, and states that the qualities of trust and lasting relationships come out of understanding and respect for each other. In short, as stated by Bren Brown, "Empathy fuels connection."

To learn more about negotiation and how the Celebrity Experts(R) herein have improved their negotiating skills, it would be beneficial to read about their accomplishments. They have honed their skills and can be great mentors. They will tell you what worked for them and what did not - saving you time, energy and cost of 'reinventing the wheel' - the path to success - in negotiating.

Product Details ISBN: 9798986209791
Publisher: Successbooks(r)
Publication Date: January 4th, 2024
Pages: 312
Language: English