The Death and Resurrection of Baseball: Echoes from a Distant Past (Paperback)

The Death and Resurrection of Baseball: Echoes from a Distant Past By William R. Douglas Cover Image

The Death and Resurrection of Baseball: Echoes from a Distant Past (Paperback)


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★★★★★ "A truly, well written, must-read book " - Reader review

A unique, and groundbreaking Sports Fiction, and Dystopian novel for Young Adults on up. A clean story, suitable for Young Adults (YA) and adult fiction lovers everywhere

  • What if Civil War 2.0 is the endpoint in the current trajectory of America's divisiveness?
  • What if early warning signs of baseball's long-term popularity continue downward?
  • What if among the personal and cultural casualties of a Civil War 2.0, baseball was to die as a sport?

The Death and Resurrection of Baseball take those what-if propositions and transports the reader 140 years from now into the futuristic United States of America to the year 2166. A United States that is far from our current recognition.

12-year-old Joe Scott lives in the northern Illinois city of McHenry and goes exploring in the woods one day in a no man's land that a hundred years earlier was the site of the bloodiest battle of the Second Civil War. While there, he discovers a relic from the distant past, from before the war. It sparks a search for its meaning.

As events unfold, Joe finds himself at the center of the rediscovery of the sport of baseball, long lost and forgotten by the ravages of time and the lingering aftereffects of Civil War 2.0.

The Death and Resurrection of Baseball will take you back to the happy days of your youth and your coming of age. The story will thrill you, move you, and make you think long and hard about where The United States of America is currently, and where we could be headed.

Baseball has always been a metaphor for America and has always brought Americans together. In The Death and Resurrection of Baseball, you will find its greatest strength, hope

Product Details ISBN: 9798985959109
Publisher: Woodbridge Publications
Publication Date: May 10th, 2022
Pages: 270
Language: English