My Missing Piece (Paperback)

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My Missing Piece (Paperback)


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My Missing Piece is a comprehensive book based on nine years of research on death, grief, and survival toward a new normal. The author discusses life, why we fear death, how children die, and where we go when we die based on the Bible, science, and mediums. She shares the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual impact on our health and lives, as well as the variables that affect how we grieve. The author details how grief affects partners, siblings, marriages, careers, and relationships with friends and family.

She delves into the religious and spiritual upheaval that can occur after a loss as well as the unanswerable question--why? The author provides signs sent from our children to provide us with peace and comfort, along with information on where to get help while struggling through grief. She provides a list of the most insensitive statements made to bereaved parents by those trying to provide comfort.

Finally this book is not only a personal perspective of grief but one based on stories by many suffering families. The author's goal was to illustrate that we are not alone in our grief; we all grieve differently, and we can all survive this atrocity and be a lifeline to others in need.

Product Details ISBN: 9798887630373
Publisher: Newman Springs Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: April 28th, 2023
Pages: 292
Language: English