Redeeming Chance (Paperback)

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Redeeming Chance (Paperback)


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Is our forever family naturally born or masterfully created: bound by blood or adopted in love; rooted in race or grafted in grace; trapped in tradition or freed by faith; stuck in one place, one station, or commissioned to serve in every tribe, every nation? Is our family tree diverse and divided or diverse and united-determined and destined by DNA or redeemed and reconciled in Jesus' name?

Thirty-two-year-old Chance Brayden Dearling, a cynical private investigator, and his adopted brother Victor Ortega Dearling, a thirty-year-old Puerto Rican Spanish teacher, go on a quest to find and reunite their parents, ministers Nathan and Leah Dearling, with their thirty-six-year-old biological twins, Daniel Winward, a charismatic preacher from Sutton, Georgia, and Leisha Laurence, an independent lawyer in Corinth, Texas.

Presumed dead when Leah was sixteen years old, the twins were actually put up for adoption with two separate families by their maternal grandfather, who couldn't bear the shame of having an unwed, pregnant teenage daughter. Neither Nathan nor Leah learned of Daniel and Leisha's existence until three decades later during the father's death-bed confession.

Now, racing against time and a cancer diagnosis-on a journey spanning from Crossland, Texas, to Sutton, Georgia-Nathan and Leah receive more

than they ever hoped or prayed for; Chance and Victor find more than they ever bargained or believed for, and Daniel and Leisha gain more than they ever dreamed or expected. But one death threat and physical assault could ruin everything, turning their family reunion into a family tragedy.

But even in trial and triumph, GOD is with them as a good, just, loving Father, ready and willing to heal, save, restore, comfort, rescue, transform, forgive, and redeem-turning their ashes into beauty and their mourning into dancing.

Product Details ISBN: 9798887384856
Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishing
Publication Date: March 20th, 2023
Pages: 364
Language: English