Harry Potter Wand Pen Collection (Set of 3) (General merchandise)

Harry Potter Wand Pen Collection (Set of 3) By Insights Cover Image

Harry Potter Wand Pen Collection (Set of 3) (General merchandise)


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Cast a spell through your writing with these collectible pens designed to resemble the most iconic wands from the Harry Potter™ films.

Add a bit of magic to your writing with these magical wands that double as pens.

DETAILED DESIGN: This deluxe set contains three different wand pens modeled after the all-powerful Elder Wand™ and the two “brother” wands—the infamous yew and phoenix feather wand of Voldemort™ and the illustrious holly and phoenix feather wand of Harry Potter™. It’s the perfect gift for any devoted Harry Potter™ fan looking for unique collectible pieces.

PERFECT FOR STUDENTS AND ADULTS: Whether you are new to the Wizarding World™ or a seasoned fan, these pens are extraordinary writing tools to add to your desk at work or school to show your love of the Harry Potter™ films.

COLLECT THEM ALL: Expand your wand pen collection with more Insight Editions wand pens inspired by your favorite Wizarding World™ characters’ unique wand designs, including Harry Potter: Hermione’s Wand Pen and Harry Potter: Ron Weasley’s Wand Pen.
Product Details ISBN: 9798886634297
Publisher: Insight Editions Gift
Publication Date: January 16th, 2024
Language: English
Series: Harry Potter