Marvelous Meghan Our Big Sister (Paperback)

Marvelous Meghan Our Big Sister By Neeyo H. Ouelega, Seti A. Ouelega, Sylvie N. Ouelega Cover Image

Marvelous Meghan Our Big Sister (Paperback)


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Brothers and sisters get along with each other in many different ways. For Seti and Neeyo, growing up with their big sister Meghan introduces them to a whole new world. Together, the girls discover that everyone is an individual. Meghan teaches them that while people with Autism may

experience things and express their feelings a bit differently, they also just want to be loved and have fun

Edited by Victoria Andre King

Illustrated by Rajpal Singh Ubhi

Product Details ISBN: 9798868930188
Publisher: Ouelega
Publication Date: October 15th, 2023
Pages: 38
Language: English