City in the Dragon's Eye (Paperback)

City in the Dragon's Eye By Jordan Loyal Short Cover Image

City in the Dragon's Eye (Paperback)


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Red Dragons. Black Comedy. White-Knuckled Adventure.

Viktor's magic is turning him into a dragon. And it's not pretty.

To save his friends who've bumbled into a deadly ambush, Viktor draws too deeply on the power of the Dragon Well, and now a magical tumor has begun to change scale at a time.

Viktor sets off on an irreverent quest for a cure that will lead him to a remote sanitarium. Here, he will uncover a mad doctor's strange experiments, a stubborn dwarf with stinky feet, and rumors of an ancient mirror that may hold the key to Viktor's very survival.

As a mustache-twiddling secret society of dragon fanatics closes in, Viktor must choose between the power his transformation offers, and the hope of finding a cure.

To the fabled Tyrant's Tomb, Viktor races the mysterious Thule Society, where deadly traps and cryptic puzzles protect a treasure of unspeakable power. With every heartbeat the tumor's corruption spreads. Can a court dandy and a disgraced scholar help Viktor find his cure? Or is it too late to save the city from a mad doctor's dark designs?
Product Details ISBN: 9798867853518
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 5th, 2024
Pages: 302
Language: English