Santa's Search For The Wolf Who Ate Christmas: A Christmas Book For Kids (Paperback)

Santa's Search For The Wolf Who Ate Christmas: A Christmas Book For Kids By Rishad Dookoo Cover Image

Santa's Search For The Wolf Who Ate Christmas: A Christmas Book For Kids (Paperback)


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Prepare for an unforgettable Christmas journey in the delightful village of Tinsel. Kyle and Jasmine look forward to Christmas every year, and this year their excitement soars as they prepare to perform a special song at the town's famed Christmas circus, a suggestion made by their favorite teacher, Mrs. Thompson.

A falling light piques their interest and leads them down an unexpected path as they make their way home after rehearsals. When they go up a mountain to investigate, they come across none other than Santa Claus himself, who has crash-landed with his sleigh. Santa dropped something crucial that caused him to land. If he does not find it, then Christmas cannot happen, and he will not be able to return to the North Pole.

A sly fox informs Santa that a wolf named Willie may have the elusive object. Kyle and Jasmine's strong-willed insistence on helping Santa recover the lost item leads to a magical encounter, thanks to Santa's special gift for communicating with animals.
They meet a variety of species in the snowy forest, exchanging moments of generosity and courage. Their expedition takes them face-to-face with a friendly bear and her cub, a river crossing that helps Jasmine overcome her fear of heights, a brilliant rescue of a trapped deer, and a humorous encounter with the Tickling Trees.

When Jasmine suddenly vanishes and is discovered wrapped in the tail of a big snake, the story takes an unexpected turn. Kyle's unwavering commitment demonstrates the strength of their bond as they confront the snake's demands to rescue her misplaced egg.
Their trip continues as they meet the Yeti Yelgo, an ice-encased lion, and the wise owl Olga, each meeting adding depth to their quest. Having overcome a challenging maze, they ultimately find Wille the wolf, but does the wolf still have Santa's missing object?

With Kyle, Jasmine, and Santa united, they unlock Willie's hidden dream and ultimately bring it to life, reinforcing the book's heartwarming message of the power of compassion, friendship, and unity.
But the biggest mystery of all remains: "Can you guess how the wolf ate Christmas?" To uncover the enigmatic secret, get your copy of this book and join Kyle, Jasmine, and Santa on this captivating journey, and learn that kindness, compassion, and giving should be not only during the festive season but in all seasons.

This book is a perfect Christmas gift for kids and young adults, featuring 30 premium color illustrations.
Product Details ISBN: 9798864796870
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 1st, 2023
Pages: 88
Language: English