The Blood Crown Calls (Paperback)

The Blood Crown Calls By Amber Winslow Cover Image

The Blood Crown Calls (Paperback)


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Once upon a time, a young princess lived in a castle upon a hill, her hair the color of a red rose petal. She was set to rule the four kingdoms of Tesni, the Blood Crown already calling her name.

But one night, a neighboring kingdom came to her home and burned it, and everyone within, to the ground. It lay in ashes around her, the remains blowing about in the wind.

With the magic still simmering in her blood, she conjured two beings from the ashes and embers, who burned just as hot as the flames which created them. They would stay by her side, grow with her, learn with her, plan vengeance with her.

As she begins to call herself Queen, those in other kingdoms deemed to vicious, too bold, too strange, flock to her. She will grow her kingdom, she will build family, and she will gain the strongest of armies.

For the crown, it called to her, and she would answer its call in blood.

Product Details ISBN: 9798851187100
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 8th, 2023
Pages: 274
Language: English