Selena's Song: Book One of The Siren Series (Paperback)

Selena's Song: Book One of The Siren Series By Alisa K. Michaels Cover Image

Selena's Song: Book One of The Siren Series (Paperback)


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What if everything you were taught about your lineage was a lie; an idea told through fables based on word of mouth and unproven journal entries which reads more like a bedtime story than any true account of reality?

What if the mythical Sirens were real and you were related to them, or even more baffling, what if you-unknowingly-were one of them?

You may assume such things are Legend, but then again, can you ever be so sure?

Yes, there are Sirens, although not like the ones you have read about in books, perceived by in movies, or seen on television, and no, they most certainly do not have tails.

In myth, that which was once created in the seas, can sometimes dwell on land never knowing whence they came. For millennia they have swum while ruling their watery domains, but when The Calling beckons, they return to complete The Three, and for 16-year-old Selena, that improbable, mythical world becomes her destiny.

Product Details ISBN: 9798666224212
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 7th, 2020
Pages: 428
Language: English
Series: Siren